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Keep your roof looking good with Elevate Construction. We offer top notch services by using the best products on the market and relying on our expert roofing knowledge. With us, you’ll get a hassle free experience. Trust in our certified applicators to provide you with a superior finished product. Whether we’re talking about composite shingle, slate tile, metal or synthetic systems, are experts are ready to do them all. With Elevate Construction you can have the roof of your dreams.

Roof Replacement

Is your roof showing signs of old age? If you are in need of a roof replacement, Elevate Construction is here to help. Our residential roofing experts are ready and willing to help you in whatever roofing job you need. Work with the best in Colorado! Elevate Construction is the leader in San Antonio roof replacement!

Our process begins with a free roofing estimate. We’re excited at the prospect of each job, so we want to deliver the best information for your needs as soon as possible. We also aim to make the process as

Roof Repair

Your roof faces the elements in order to protect you. It withstands freezing cold temperatures, scorching sun, rain, ice, snow, high wind, sleet, hail, birds, debris, and more. With all of these going on, it’s no surprise to say that you may need it repaired.

Getting your roof damaged is never a fun experience, which is why Elevate Construction aims to make your experience with us as simple as possible. We first assess the severity of the damage, then prepare a free estimate. We aim to give you the most complete knowledge of your potential roof repair and what the project will include such as timeline and cost. We want you to be completely comfortable with your decision and have all the necessary information before you sign off on it.

Commercial Roofing

Your world revolves around your business. When your business starts having roof problems, it affects you in a big way. Don’t let it. Elevate Construction is here to help. Take your mind off your roof and back on your business.

We apply a weatherproof layer on whatever damage your roof may gave. For example, if it’s leaky, we need to make sure that the harsh elements don’t get in. If we don’t weatherproof it, you could be facing severe heat, cold, or significant water damage when the time comes.

Once your roof is weatherproofed, we will surface your roof to give it the finish you want. With a final surfacing, we give it an external protection from certain elements, such as sunlight or wind. Those elements can have a drastic effect on the internal temperature of the building. The surfacing process gives you an extra layer of security for your internal processes.

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